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November 9, 2015
by sarahjane
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Honestly, October was So Busy!

We have been working hard in Grade 1 & 2. Learning how to learn is hard work, but it is fun. We have been talking a lot about honesty this month in our Classroom Champions unit.  Sometimes telling the truth is hard and we don’t want to do it. We have read several different versions of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, including The Wolf Who Cried Boy.
We discussed how and why being honest is important.

To sum up the month of October it was busy!! Check out this short slideshow to see some of the things we are doing in our class.

Our Busy October on PhotoPeach

February 16, 2014
by sarahjane

Winter Sports

Students will be accessing Matt Gomez’s Blog to learn about various sports.  Hopefully we will they share our writing on an app of each student’s choice. Thank you to Matt for compiling a great research of videos for my students to use!


This week we will be concentrating on the various Winter Sports in the Olympics. The learning outcomes we will address this week are to read fluently and demonstrate comprehension of grade appropriate information texts, such as

  • -non‐fiction books
  • -materials that contain simple diagrams, charts or maps
  • -web sites designed for children
  • -instructions and procedures

We will also be focussing on retelling and summarizing

  • -using ‘text features’ to locate information
  • -using graphic organizers to record information

and we will create a variety of clear personal writing and representations that express connections to personal experiences, ideas, and opinions,featuring

  • -ideas supported by related details
  • -sentence fluency using a variety of sentence lengths and patterns
  • -experimentation with word choice by using new and different words
  • -an emerging voice demonstrating a developing writing style
  • -an organization that is meaningful and logical

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