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and if you liked that one you might like this!


  1. I like your songs. Do you sing them everyday? What are you learning at your school? We are on summer break. I told my students I would keep checking different blogs and post interesting sights and good blogs. I looked at some of your other links. It is 4:3l p.m. Today is July 4th a holiday here in the United States. There will be fireworks tonight. They are big and bright in the night sky. They are also very loud.
    It is very hot here and they are calling for strong thunderstorms tonight. It is 96 degrees F.
    Mrs. Todd

  2. Hello Mrs Todd,
    Thank you for visiting. These are a few of our favourite songs, we like to sing every day! What are your favourite songs? We are on summer vacation too! It is very cold here and we have had a lot of rain. My family loves camping, but it isn’t very fun in the rain. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.
    Mrs Soltau-Heller

  3. that was funny the to vowels go walking and good for the brain.brandon and pune

  4. The Duck Song is mine and my brothers favourite song because it is humourous isn’t it. The ‘When to vowels go walking’ song is a great way to teach young children about that type of vowel. In fact I am going to go and get my little brother to watch carefully because he isn’t to good at that type of vowel. You are like a teacher to my little brother now. WELL DONE! Your C B A Song helped me and my brother because he is only 6. I have never, in my life, tried to say the alphabet backwards. I am going to try it now. I have just added it to my list of jobs.
    from Henry,
    High lawn primary School

  5. Thanks Henry for your kind words. I hope your brother gets a hang of those vowels, they can be tricky!

  6. I love the first song [when two vowels go walking] it is well good for younger children to spell words i’m going to show my little cousin this when she comes round. It will help her with her spellings.

  7. I love your
    C,B,A song.It made me giggle and I became determined to sing it .Sadly I didn’t succeed.I enjoy listening to your song so keep posting them.Good Job!

  8. Now I cannot get the bubblegum song out of my mind! Thank you Ms. Soltau-Heller’s class!

  9. I love the gingerbread man song

    That’s the best song that i’ve ever heard

  10. Hi Sarahjane,
    i like all the songs mostly i am going to the bear hunt

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