The Epic Surprise!




Our class wrote letters for Brenna.



The journey to Brenna’s house was tiring for some, but we took a shortcut.

Brenna received 22  letters to read.

After we delivered the letters Mrs. Allen gave each us a cookie and chocolate milk.  They tasted great!


Ms. Soltau’s Grade 3/4 Class at Brenna’s house.


Brenna was surprised and happy to get our letters.  We miss you Brenna!

Classroom Champion School Tour

One of the jobs we had to do this month for our Classroom Champion program was create a video that showed all the wonderful places in our school. Students brainstormed what areas of the school we should show to Arianne and the Classroom Champion folks, then they went out with partners and Mrs. Brown to tape the different areas of the school. After our teacher put the video clips together with the Sunset Elementary School song we then added a few lines of text to explain our videos.
I hope you enjoy our tour of Sunset Elementary!

Arianne Jones is our Classroom Champion!

Thank you for helping to support your child by helping them figure out who our Classroom Champion is. Arianne Jones is an Olypmic luge athlete who lives and trains in Calgary, Alberta. Arrianne will help us all to learn important life skills throughout the school year. Goal Setting is the theme for the month of September, keep your eyes open for the family newsletter which will give more detailed information.

I would like to introduce Arianne Jones.

Who is Our Classroom Champion?

On Friday your child brought home some clues about our Classroom Champion Mentor. It was your child’s homework to try to find who she is. I am hopeful that you can help your child try to figure out who she is and what sport she competes in. My hope is that this will help spark discussion in your home.



Here is more information about the Classroom Champions Program.



It is time to move on…

We have a new address this year.  Some of us have a new classroom, some of us have moved to a new house and all of us have a new blog.  The blog is old, the lay-out and picture are new, but most importantly the address is new.  Our address on the internet is now   Please bookmark, favourite or subscribe to this new location on your device.

This blog is primarily designed to be used by students in my classroom.  It will contain links, lessons, articles about what we are learning and it will also be used to share our learning in our classroom. Previously I have taught Grade 1’s and 2’s so many of the links on this site will change over time to reflect our new Grade 3/4 classroom.  I look forward to working with older students and watching them experiment and learn with digit tools.  I am looking forward to the newness of this all.


Leaving Home

I have handed in my keys and said most of my good-byes.  I am sad to be leaving this amazing place that I have called home for many years.  Okay so it isn’t my home, but it sure feels like it.  I have spent most of my waking hours in this room, in these hallways and in this school.  This school is a special place filled with passion and caring and loving intentions.  It is a place where people care about one another and support each other and work together in the most amazing ways.  Children, families and teachers working together to make our school a place that meets the needs of our learners.  I was priviledged  to have had time with this community.   Change is hard, but good.  I have a solid foundation, thanks partially to the experiences that I have had at our school, so I move on with confidence and gratitude.  Thank you.

Classroom Champions – Perseverance

Grade 1 and 2 is all about hard work.  When we are learning to read and write it can sometimes be so hard, but we keep trying and retrying and sooner or later we get it.  We were very excited to hear how +Ryan has to be persistent when he is training.  We are learning to be persistent  so that we can be successful.  Different things are hard for different people and we all have people who can help us.  The people who help us when we need it are on our team.  We each have lots of people on our teams.

We are lucky kids to have so many people caring about us.


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