Primary Store

On Friday we had a Primary Store. We sold under 100 items in the Primary Store. There was pet rocks,cupcakes, dreamcatchers, stress pencils, bracelets, insects, snack bags, wishing stars, and owl stickers. We are donating the money to Kids In Motion playcentre. We had made $142.65 dollars. We had five classes doing the Primary Store, Ms Lutz, Mrs Bono, Ms Janveau, Ms Woodford. We thank all the classes that did the Primary Store.

Cracked Eggs

Yesterday we cracked opened the eggs.  There were two chicks that developed in the egg  but did not live. One egg was rotten and smelled.  Two eggs were just yolks.  One egg started to grow but did not grow that much.  Seven eggs did not hatch.

Our Class Chicks

The past the few days the chicks started growing feathers.   We had to put them in a cage.  We were starting to get mad at the chicks because they were loud.  They eat a lot.  They were starting to get stinky.  They are so cute. Our class loves them.  They eat chick starter.The chicks names are Kyla Jr, Popcorn, Pom Pom, Hei Hei, and Shadow.


We have chickens in our class.We have Columbia Rock ,Barred Rock, Buff Orpington and Black Australorp. So far Three Chickens have hatched.  One is trying to hatch.  I have had three chickens so far.  We have seen the egg tooth in the eggs that have hatched. We have seen the chicks cuddle and walk.  They make peeping sounds.  They look like they are play fighting some times.




We have a new cage!

Thank you to Mr. Berry (the custodian) for making us a cage for our chicks!  We have a dozen chicken eggs in an incubator in our class.  There is a mixture of Columbia Rock, Barred Rock, Black Australorp and Buff Orpington eggs.  They are due to hatch on April 24, 21 days after we put them in the incubator.  We are hoping we will have a couple hatch.  Stay tune for updates.

Book Trailers

We have been learning to create iMovie Trailers for books we are reading.  Chelsie and Odin have been our class experts and are teaching other students to use this app.  Check these out! I am having difficulty posting these videos to individual student blogs, hopefully students will be posting these on their own blogs soon.



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