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September 21, 2016
by sarahjane

Classroom Champion School Tour

One of the jobs we had to do this month for our Classroom Champion program was create a video that showed all the wonderful places in our school. Students brainstormed what areas of the school we should show to Arianne and the Classroom Champion folks, then they went out with partners and Mrs. Brown to tape the different areas of the school. After our teacher put the video clips together with the Sunset Elementary School song we then added a few lines of text to explain our videos.
I hope you enjoy our tour of Sunset Elementary!

February 3, 2016
by sarahjane
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Classroom Champions – Perseverance

Grade 1 and 2 is all about hard work.  When we are learning to read and write it can sometimes be so hard, but we keep trying and retrying and sooner or later we get it.  We were very excited to hear how +Ryan has to be persistent when he is training.  We are learning to be persistent  so that we can be successful.  Different things are hard for different people and we all have people who can help us.  The people who help us when we need it are on our team.  We each have lots of people on our teams.

We are lucky kids to have so many people caring about us.


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December 12, 2015
by sarahjane

We made another video!

This week our Classroom Champions Athlete Mentor Ryan Cochrane won the Canadian Male Swimmer of the Year. We read about this award and learned a few things. We learned;

  • Ryan has won this award 8 times in a row.
  • The award was an Inuit seal sculpture.
  • Ryan’s coach also won an award (Canadian Male Swimming Coach of the Year)

Many students thought about how hard Ryan must have worked to earn this award.  We are very proud of Ryan and we decided to write a congratulatory movie for him.  We also made some personal connections to Ryan.  We read that Ryan’s coach had died this year.  A student in our class had just lost her grandma and she thought about how sad Ryan must have been and how hard it was for him to keep training.

We also wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Congratulations Ryan! on PhotoPeach

November 9, 2015
by sarahjane
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Honestly, October was So Busy!

We have been working hard in Grade 1 & 2. Learning how to learn is hard work, but it is fun. We have been talking a lot about honesty this month in our Classroom Champions unit.  Sometimes telling the truth is hard and we don’t want to do it. We have read several different versions of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, including The Wolf Who Cried Boy.
We discussed how and why being honest is important.

To sum up the month of October it was busy!! Check out this short slideshow to see some of the things we are doing in our class.

Our Busy October on PhotoPeach

August 21, 2015
by sarahjane

Back to School Pep Talk

Welcome to Grade 1/2!

I am so excited about the new school year.  I can’t wait to meet you all and learn about new things with you this year.

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing opportunities we will be having this year.  We have been very lucky to have been chosen to participate in a program called Classroom Champions   this year.  Classroom Championis a year long program that is;

A kind of 21st century pen-pal, each athlete mentor adopts 3-10 classrooms per year. Focusing on their own personal journey, athletes teach about the hard work of training, goal setting, competition and perseverance. Using video lessons and live video chats, students are engaged with their athlete mentor several times per month. Our organization supports teachers by helping them incorporate these activities into their curricula, focusing on letter writing, reading, geography, math, technology, goal setting and leadership.

We have been assigned a Classroom Mentor who is an extremely accomplished athlete and has participated in this program last year.  Who is our mentor you ask?

Well it’s a surprise!!  

You will be finding out who our Athlete Mentor will be in September, see you then.

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