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December 12, 2015
by sarahjane

We made another video!

This week our Classroom Champions Athlete Mentor Ryan Cochrane won the Canadian Male Swimmer of the Year. We read about this award and learned a few things. We learned;

  • Ryan has won this award 8 times in a row.
  • The award was an Inuit seal sculpture.
  • Ryan’s coach also won an award (Canadian Male Swimming Coach of the Year)

Many students thought about how hard Ryan must have worked to earn this award.  We are very proud of Ryan and we decided to write a congratulatory movie for him.  We also made some personal connections to Ryan.  We read that Ryan’s coach had died this year.  A student in our class had just lost her grandma and she thought about how sad Ryan must have been and how hard it was for him to keep training.

We also wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Congratulations Ryan! on PhotoPeach

March 9, 2014
by sarahjane

What We Have Been Up To

We have been working on Science Fair projects. Many students in our class have not done Science Fair projects before so we decided we would do some experiments and enter them into the Eagle View Science Fair as a class. Last week we did 5 different experiments, went through the scientific process and Monday we will get ready to present our projects as a group. Each child will be part of a small group who will present to the judges during the Fair. I have tried to introduce various ways to record and observe.

Students have chosen, or in some cases names have been drawn, to determine which experiment they will wish to present at the Fair. I welcome you to stop by and view the projects on Tuesday afternoon or ask your child to tell you about the experiments we have completed in class.
This is a video we all created using video as a observation tool. After we recorded our observations and learn about the science of why the leakproof baggie works.

November 29, 2013
by sarahjane

Get text reminders about important events!

Hello All!

I have been using Remind101 to help send out reminders for important events at school

This is a safe, text messaging service in which all phone numbers are kept private.  I usually send about 1 or 2 texts a week but I have found it very helpful for last minute reminders. If you are interested in receiving these text message reminders please follow the directions below.

Thank you!

How to subscribe to Remind101


April 22, 2013 by sarahjane | 3 Comments

We learned about Rhinos because of our visit from Siyanda. These are some documenting we did of our learning. We used the Explain Everything app to create these short recordings.

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