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April 17, 2017
by sarahjane

We have a new cage!

Thank you to Mr. Berry (the custodian) for making us a cage for our chicks!  We have a dozen chicken eggs in an incubator in our class.  There is a mixture of Columbia Rock, Barred Rock, Black Australorp and Buff Orpington eggs.  They are due to hatch on April 24, 21 days after we put them in the incubator.  We are hoping we will have a couple hatch.  Stay tune for updates.

April 8, 2017
by sarahjane

Book Trailers

We have been learning to create iMovie Trailers for books we are reading.  Chelsie and Odin have been our class experts and are teaching other students to use this app.  Check these out! I am having difficulty posting these videos to individual student blogs, hopefully students will be posting these on their own blogs soon.



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March 22, 2017
by sarahjane

Leprechaun Traps

I do not believe in leprechauns. If they were real we would have seen him. Ms. Soltau could have set up cameras around the room.The height of the video was too tall. Ms. Soltau could have video-taped the class when we weren’t here. No one has taped a real leprechaun that I know of.The hair and face of the leprechaun looked like a stuffy. I wonder where it would learn to edit an iMovie. We also saw a big thumb in the video. We know it’s you, Ms. Soltau.

I believe there is a leprechaun in our class. There have been lots of little things that have happened in our class. He left us a video and I didn’t see Ms.Soltau going around taping things. Ms.Soltau probably couldn’t tape the video down that low. It left a chunk of gold on Brenna’s desk. When I was in kindergarten a leprechaun hid my shoes. There is no way Ms.Soltau could crawl around in Ms. Bono’s class and have them not notice. We didn’t catch that leprechaun.

March 10, 2017
by sarahjane

New Friends

We learned new things about our classmates thanks to a challenge from Arianne Jones and Classroom Champions.


Here is Arianne’s video on Friendship.

February 7, 2017
by sarahjane
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What to Wear?

Mr Frost came into our class and talked about how we keep warm.  Mr Frost talked about hypothermia.  You can get hypothermia  when you sweat because the sweat is like water and water cools your body down quickly.  Mr. Frost talked about how you should keep warm by having many different layers of clothing.  He went from undershirts to heavy duty jackets. First you wear an undershirt made of  material that absorbs sweat from your skin like polypropylene or silk .  Next you wear wool to insulate you and keep you warm.  Then you wear a wind breaker to block the wind.  Finally, you wear a waterproof and warm jacket.

Mr Frost told us that it has to really cold to get frostbite (-40 or so).  Mr Frost said that when you get frostbite your skin turns white and that the blood tries to stay in the core of your body.  Frostbite starts in your hands and ears.  You can loose fingers or toes or part of your ears when you get frostbite.  You could also die from frostbite.

We had a lot of fun listening to Mr. Frost.  We are very thankful he came to teach us and we now know how to stay warm and safe outside in the cold.

Written by the grade 3/4 class.









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