Thick and Thin Questions

We have been learning about questioning.  Questioning helps us learn new things, it helps guide our learning, it helps us to dig deeper into subjects and leads to new learning.  We have learned about the difference between THICK and thin questions. 

Thin questions;

  • are answered with facts
  • start with the words: Who? What? Where? When?
  • have yes/no or short answers
  • are quick and easy to answer

THICK questions;

  •  are answered with ideas: Facts + opinions
  • start with the words: Why? How?
  • have long answers
  • need a lot of research is needed to arrive at a conclusion

When I asked students what they wanted to learn about many of them responded that they would like to learn how to make cheese!? It seemed like an odd request to me but if the students want to learn about we will!  We just happen to have an expert in our mist and Kira’s mom has volunteered to help my students learn all about this process by making A 30 Minute Mozarella.  Today we used Explain Everything© to share our learning about THICK and thin questions.  With a partner we wrote THICK and thin questions about cheese.  Students then uploaded their slides to Dropbox.  I am sharing the students who were successful at this process below (we are learning this new skill and not everyone can do it YET!)


We are currently learned about MATTER in our Inquiry Block and cheese seems to fit right in.  We will be turning liquids into solids.  Please stay tuned for results!

The Epic Surprise!




Our class wrote letters for Brenna.



The journey to Brenna’s house was tiring for some, but we took a shortcut.

Brenna received 22  letters to read.

After we delivered the letters Mrs. Allen gave each us a cookie and chocolate milk.  They tasted great!


Ms. Soltau’s Grade 3/4 Class at Brenna’s house.


Brenna was surprised and happy to get our letters.  We miss you Brenna!

Classroom Champion School Tour

One of the jobs we had to do this month for our Classroom Champion program was create a video that showed all the wonderful places in our school. Students brainstormed what areas of the school we should show to Arianne and the Classroom Champion folks, then they went out with partners and Mrs. Brown to tape the different areas of the school. After our teacher put the video clips together with the Sunset Elementary School song we then added a few lines of text to explain our videos.
I hope you enjoy our tour of Sunset Elementary!

Arianne Jones is our Classroom Champion!

Thank you for helping to support your child by helping them figure out who our Classroom Champion is. Arianne Jones is an Olypmic luge athlete who lives and trains in Calgary, Alberta. Arrianne will help us all to learn important life skills throughout the school year. Goal Setting is the theme for the month of September, keep your eyes open for the family newsletter which will give more detailed information.

I would like to introduce Arianne Jones.