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Leprechaun Traps


I do not believe in leprechauns. If they were real we would have seen him. Ms. Soltau could have set up cameras around the room.The height of the video was too tall. Ms. Soltau could have video-taped the class when we weren’t here. No one has taped a real leprechaun that I know of.The hair and face of the leprechaun looked like a stuffy. I wonder where it would learn to edit an iMovie. We also saw a big thumb in the video. We know it’s you, Ms. Soltau.

I believe there is a leprechaun in our class. There have been lots of little things that have happened in our class. He left us a video and I didn’t see Ms.Soltau going around taping things. Ms.Soltau probably couldn’t tape the video down that low. It left a chunk of gold on Brenna’s desk. When I was in kindergarten a leprechaun hid my shoes. There is no way Ms.Soltau could crawl around in Ms. Bono’s class and have them not notice. We didn’t catch that leprechaun.

Author: sarahjane

A primary teacher in rural BC, Canada

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