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Oviparous Nests


Yesterday we learned that animals that lay eggs are called oviparous.  We will be studying eggs in our class for the next little while.  We were reading all about different animals that lay eggs, which led to trying to figure out the difference between crocodiles & alligators.  You know what happens if you give a mouse a cookie!

We will be watching different animals that are sitting on eggs with webcams and we will be hatching some chicken eggs in our class soon.

An Eagle Cam

Live Video streaming by Ustream
A Hummingbird Cam – these eggs have hatched

Live Video streaming by Ustream

A Heron Nest

Watch live streaming video from cornellherons at

A Hen Cam

Author: sarahjane

A primary teacher in rural BC, Canada


  1. These live videos are so cool. It is amazing that you can actually watch the mother eagle feeding her little eaglets. It will be so fantastic to have the baby chicks in your class. I love learning about the cycle of life. What are you wondering about having the chicks in class?
    We are back from holidays next week so I can’t wait to show my class all your great discoveries.
    Mrs verona Gridley

  2. Hello Mrs G!
    These are wonderful opportunities to view moments that we would never be able to see in real life. In our community we see lots of eagles nests, but we have no idea what is going on inside of those nests. Now we can see those babies growing and changing! It is amazing. Do you know of any webcams of Australian animals? We are very interested in platypuses.
    We hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    Mrs SH

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