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On Friday we made our first blog post. Most of us are just learning to use the
Kidblog appKidblog App

We have all learned about and discussed the following guidelines when we are writing our blogs

If you have any other questions or comments about the security of our blogs, please contact Mrs Soltau-Heller at school

You can find our posts

class kidblog




Permission was given from David Bouchard for the sharing and use of the images and text for this project.


Don't forget that we are walking to PHSS  on Monday just after recess. If the weather is bad students will need proper jackets.

We will be working with our HUGE Buddies (Mrs. Walkus's Grade 10's) to work on retelling David Bouchard's Beneath Raven MoonWe will be using this rubric to self-evaluate our retelling.  We will also be using our LiveScribe Pens to draw the retelling.  After we are done with our work we will be sharing lunch together.  We plan to be back to EVES just after noon.

On Monday Mrs Walkus's Grade 10 English class came to help us write cartoons using the free iPad  app called Toontastic.  We learned about how to write interesting stories using a story arc.  We learned about the setup, the conflict or problem, the challenge, the climax and the resolution.  With our partners we were all able to create a cartoon which we premiered later in the day.  Thank you so much Super Big Buddies for your help, you were awesome!

Check out the process!



Hi parents!

I just wanted to remind you that many of your children love blogging. Many students are writing during our Daily 5 writing time and many of them continue to write on their blogs when they are on vacation, at home sick or on the weekend. I am amazed at how keen some of the students are. It is not required that each child writes on their blog, many children choose to write in their books and not on the blogs and are filling mountains of paper!

I do want to encourage you to comment on your child's or even other children's blog.   One of the reasons that blogging is so encouraging to students is that they are writing for a larger audience than just their teacher. (I wrote a blog post on our professional blog here if you are interested in reading more)

Please stop by our student blogs by clicking on the picture below.

Our individual student blogs

Next week we are going to write about our wonderful day on Friday at the Port Hardy Public Works Yard.  Did you know that your child can now drive a backhoe?

On day 7 our eggcam is working well, we just need to learn how to embed it into our blog so we can watch it at home. For now the eggcam is online at the school website HERE . We continue to make daily observations of our eggs and we have noticed that the eggs are not getting any bigger!  Today Kaitlyn was our scientist and she used Skitch to record her findings. I thought it was interesting that she chose to document the use of the eggcam for her observation.


I have had parents, teachers and students all ask me why I have Kindergarten and Grade 1's blogging.  I even ask myself in the beginning of each year, when the learning curve is steep and I feel a bit overwhelmed by new students, this same question.  My answer to this has varied slightly as I read and connect with other teachers around the globe who also use this tool but my main goal continues to help students learn to write.

In Kindergarten and in Grade 1 we are learning the basics of writing and the purposes for writing, blogging gives us both opportunities.  Communicating with the world is the main reason children write, these communication tools are changing for my young students.  Through blogging they can see how powerful writing can be and a real purpose in writing for an audience.  Their blogs are also a showcase for their learning .  Their progress is clearly evident on these blogs, students can see it, parents can see it and I can see it.  The interesting thing I find is that several students have been extremely motivated to use this tool to write while other students clearly enjoy the paper and pencil form.  Why? I am not sure but I do always see an importance for giving students choice while offering a variety of forms of communication.

In my Sunday morning coffee/google reader/twitter/internet session I found this interesting post with some great links.  Henrietta Miller's blog Techie Brekkie  was particularly interesting in her post about Blogging in a Primary School and one of her links include this great video from Rachel Boyd  Why let our students blog?  Rachel has said it well on this video I am sure I do not need to recreate this wheel.  Thank you Rachel for sharing your ideas.

Do you see blogging as a useful way to teach writing skills?  What challenges or concerns do you have with this writing form?  Why you think some students are more motivated to communicate digitally than others?


We uploaded a picture from the shared drive!

Not sure what this is?

Ask your child, they can all do it!

On Friday students were asked to choose between between writing about the Vancouver Canucks win against the Predators or the Royal Wedding.  They all uploaded a picture from a shared file and wrote about it.  Students LOVE it when you leave comments for them about their writing.

Please check it out here.

Our Thanksgiving WallWisher

On Friday our class posted all of the things that we were thankful for on this wall.  Students used the SMARTboard to type in their stickies,


as sometimes happens with tech, it seems to have disappeared.

Students were thankful for family, friends, pets, and of course Lego!!

Please add a sticky to this board if you would like to post what you are grateful for!  If you are in my class show your parents how to post a sticky to this board.  Anyone else is welcome to post what they are grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving

Custom Glitter Text
I think we might be trying this this year. A sightly different way of delivering and practicing reading and writing skills. The Daily 5 is similar to Literacy Centres but with a much more thoughtful introduction and simpler delivery. I look forward to seeing how it will go. Can't wait to start the new year!

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