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We went paperless for math today!

On Tuesday we tried a math worksheet using Explain Everything and Dropbox and our new iPad2's.  Students downloaded the worksheet from Dropbox into Explain Everything.  Then they completed the assignment in various ways (voice, handwriting, or typing text) and them uploaded it back to their folder in Dropbox.  It was very exciting - in fact it was the most fun I have seen children have with a math worksheet!  After we were finished we were also able to share our answers using the AppleTV connected to our SMARTboard.  The most interesting thing for me was that these students never even blinked an eye at the possibility of doing this.  It was an interesting math session.

2 thoughts on “We went paperless for math today!

  1. Charlene

    That sounds really exciting Sarah. I look forward to sharing ideas with you after I finish report cards.

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