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Our Buddy’s Little Bird Tales


Today we will be commenting on our Writing Buddy's Little Bird Tales.  You will need to go to Mrs Wideen's Class Blogs and look for the post that has (Little Bird Tales) in it.  Please make 2 stars and a 1 wonder about their stories.  Tell them 2 good things about their writing and them write one thing that you still wonder about.

In case you can't remember who your Writing Buddy is:

Aren - Ryan
Alexander - Johnny
Abby - Chloe
Brody - Ben
Chaz - Alex
Damon - Ciera
Ethan - Kegan
Jerzie - Olivia
Jack - Caiden
Kaylee - Kaylee
Kyler - Jasmine
Liam - Sidhak
Lucas - Grant
Merrick - Tyler
Mason - Mason
Madison - Destinee
Mallory - Joycelyn
Mackenzie - Joycelyn
Mathew - Maya

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