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February 10, 2019
by sarahjane

The finish line is so close.

Mushers will be crossing the finish line all week.  It looks like Brent Sass is in the lead on Sunday afternoon and is estimated to cross the finish line in Fairbanks on Monday, Feb., 11, 2019.  This week we will celebrate (along with 100’s Day and Valentines’ Day) the mushers complete this amazing race.  We will not focus on the winner as much as what a major accomplishment these mushers are accomplishing.  The perseverance, dedication and will-power of these teams will be celebrated in our class and this is the lesson that I hope that my students are learning from their exploration of this event.  You can follow the race HERE.  You can also check out their Facebook page HERE.  Check out what one of the veterinarian technicians does during the race.

Humans of the Trail – Wendy Kane

Veterinary Technician Wendy Kane talks about what drew her to the Yukon Quest.

Posted by Yukon Quest – Official Site on Thursday, February 7, 2019

November 9, 2018
by sarahjane

We are working on keeping you updated. Hopefully we will get better at posting our adventures.

We have been talking about families, remembering and being peaceful. So many big conversations that could continue at home. Your children are the ones who will change the world, with their hands.

October 16, 2018
by sarahjane
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Things We Did Today

We did a lot at school today we

  1. played a fun game in the gym with Ms Lasota
  2. we drew  and coloured witches
  3. we played Buzz and I Have, Who Has
  4. we did a phonics lesson
  5. made I Am Special poems with Ms Amodeo
  6. we sang songs
  7. we talked about Early Warning Signs
  8. we read and wrote Word Wall Words – the, have, my, you, and and

October 9, 2018
by sarahjane

Today at school we played with playdough.  We went to the gym and played corners.  We learned about bats.  We learned that some bats are poisonous.   Bats hunt at night.  We drew bats.  We wrote in our Journals.  We had a visitor today, Ms. Lasota.  She is coming to teach us.

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